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Thank you for your interest in employment with Clayton County Public Schools. Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to provide individual application status updates. If your qualifications meet our needs, you may be contacted about further employment information and a possible interview.

To receive assistance with your application or inquire about a position, contact the Division of Human Resources at 770.473.2700 or email your inquiry to

To apply for a position, you must complete an electronic application. To start the process, click on the job title from the available job listings below. Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation, and your profile information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications. Please be sure to record your username and password to login and apply for future vacancies.

Candidates recommended for hire will be required to complete a background check. A representative from the Division of Human Resources will contact you with instructions.

If you receive a job offer with our District, you will be required to complete the new hire process and provide unexpired documentation from the list of the Form I-9 Acceptable Documents to confirm your identity. You cannot begin work without these forms of identification, including proof of your social security card for HR and Payroll purposes.

Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Elementary Teacher - 2nd Grade07/08/2020CertifiedHUIE ELEMENTARYApply
Paraprofessional - Title I07/08/2020ClassifiedCHURCH STREET ELEMENTARYApply
Paraprofessional - Special Ed-Autism07/07/2020ClassifiedKEMP PRIMARYApply
Special Education - Interrelated Social Studies Teacher07/07/2020CertifiedJONESBORO MIDDLEApply
Pre-K Assistant07/07/2020ClassifiedPOINTE SOUTH ELEMENTARYApply
Lay Coach - Non-Certified (Paras and Community)07/07/2020Part TimeLOVEJOY HIGHApply
Paraprofessional - Instructional07/07/2020ClassifiedREX MILL MIDDLEApply
Guidance Secretary07/07/2020ClassifiedMUNDY'S MILL HIGHApply
Elementary Teacher - 5th Grade07/07/2020CertifiedKILPATRICK ELEMENTARYApply
Elementary Teacher - 3rd Grade07/07/2020CertifiedNORTHCUTT ELEMENTARYApply
Elementary Teacher - 1st Grade07/07/2020CertifiedNORTHCUTT ELEMENTARYApply
Counselor07/06/2020CertifiedREX MILL MIDDLEApply
Student Engagement Specialist07/06/2020ClassifiedJONESBORO MIDDLEApply
Lay Coach - Non-Certified (Paras and Community)07/06/2020Part TimeJONESBORO HIGHApply
Healthcare Technician07/06/2020ClassifiedEDMONDS ELEMENTARYApply
Healthcare Technician07/06/2020ClassifiedJONESBORO HIGHApply
Counselor07/06/2020CertifiedBABB MIDDLEApply
Paraprofessional - Special Ed Pre-K07/06/2020ClassifiedSUDER ELEMENTARYApply
Cafeteria Monitor07/06/2020ClassifiedSMITH ELEMENTARYApply
Compensation Technician III07/06/2020ClassifiedBUSINESS SERVICESApply
Administrative Assistant III07/06/2020ClassifiedCENTRAL OFFICEApply
Autism Specialist06/26/2020CertifiedCENTRAL OFFICEApply
Lead Teacher, Special Education (Pool Posting)06/26/2020CertifiedDEPARTMENT FOR EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTSApply
Special Education Coordinator06/26/2020District AdministrativeDEPARTMENT FOR EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTSApply
Special Ed Coordinator (Speech/Preschool/Program Coordinator)06/26/2020District AdministrativeDEPARTMENT FOR EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTSApply
Healthcare Technician06/26/2020ClassifiedHARPER ELEMENTARYApply
Cambridge Assessment International Lead Teacher (School-Based)06/26/2020CertifiedARNOLD ELEMENTARYApply
Special Education - Hearing Impaired06/26/2020CertifiedDEPARTMENT FOR EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTSApply
School Secretary I06/26/2020ClassifiedHARPER ELEMENTARYApply
Sign Language Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired (Pool Position)06/26/2020ClassifiedDEPARTMENT FOR EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTSApply
Occupational Therapist06/26/2020ClassifiedDEPARTMENT FOR EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTSApply
Physical Education Teacher06/26/2020CertifiedMUNDY'S MILL MIDDLEApply
Accounting Technican II - Payroll06/25/2020ClassifiedBUSINESS SERVICESApply
English/Language Arts Teacher - Middle School06/25/2020CertifiedKENDRICK MIDDLEApply
Data Analyst (School-based)06/25/2020CertifiedRIVER'S EDGE ELEMENTARYApply
Math Teacher - Middle School06/24/2020CertifiedKENDRICK MIDDLEApply
Paraprofessional - Special Ed06/24/2020ClassifiedMOUNT ZION HIGHApply
Title I Academic Coach06/24/2020CertifiedPOINTE SOUTH MIDDLEApply
Elementary Teacher - Kindergarten06/24/2020CertifiedRIVERDALE ELEMENTARYApply
Special Education - MOID/SID/PID Teacher06/24/2020CertifiedBROWN ELEMENTARYApply
Elementary Teacher - 1st Grade06/24/2020CertifiedWEST CLAYTON ELEMENTARYApply
Science Teacher - Middle School06/24/2020CertifiedRIVERDALE MIDDLEApply
English/Language Arts Teacher - Middle School06/24/2020CertifiedPOINTE SOUTH MIDDLEApply
Science Teacher - Middle School06/24/2020CertifiedPOINTE SOUTH MIDDLEApply
REP Teacher - Middle School/ High School Mathematics06/24/2020CertifiedPOINTE SOUTH MIDDLEApply
Custodian (School Based) - 12 Month06/24/2020ClassifiedMORROW HIGHApply
Paraprofessional - Title I06/24/2020ClassifiedOLIVER ELEMENTARYApply
Title I Academic Coach06/23/2020CertifiedHAYNIE ELEMENTARYApply
Special Education - Interrelated Teacher06/23/2020CertifiedHAYNIE ELEMENTARYApply
Elementary Teacher - 5th Grade06/23/2020CertifiedKEMP ELEMENTARYApply