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Paraprofessional - Kindergarten (6479)

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TitleParaprofessional - Kindergarten
Posting ID6479

The Kindergarten paraprofessional provides student assistance for kindergarten students under professional guidance and supervision of Kindergarten teachers in the district's kindergarten program. Kindergarten paraprofessionals work with children individually or in small groups by providing basic instruction in abilities and skills developmentally appropriate to the kindergarten student. This position is also responsible for assisting the teachers in a variety of settings and with a variety of scheduled activities for the successful operation of the kindergarten program.


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Successful candidates for this position will:

* Use instructional strategies and techniques for facilitating the integration of all students into the kindergarten program;
* Prepare and organize materials to support teaching and learning;
* Use strategies that promote students' independence for learning;
* Reinforce reading, writing, mathematical ideas and concepts and other such skills presented by the teacher in small groups or in one-on-one settings;
* Assist with learning activities circulating the classroom and providing student assistance;
* Assist students with gross and fine motor activities;
* Assist in the review and evaluation of students' work;
* Assist in the preparation of lesson plans and provide input and assistance in the development of classroom activities and learning tools;
* Coordinate with media center and other school services for materials, equipment, access, etc;
* Assist with preparing classroom displays of learning resources and student work;
* Assist with attendance records; and
* Assist with maintaining student records including using any technology employed by the district.


Minimum Qualifications:


All paraprofessionals must have a minimum of 60 semester credit hours from an accredited college or university or an Associate's Degree (or higher).

Salary RangePaid based on salary scale

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Start Date09/10/2019